Rugby Ruckus 2011

10 July 2011

What a win from the Reds! What  a win for Queensland! What a win for Australia! The  5 point margin could have been so much more. This was a great game of finals rugby and contrasting styles – the Crusaders playing a conservative and slow kicking game and the Reds playing their typical game of anything goes as long as its done fast rugby.

The Reds style of play has shown again how France, with a very similar style of playing, always manage to beat the All Blacks. The fact that there are 15 Reds included in the Wallabies squad will bode well in the Tri Nations and the WC. If Genia and Cooper, playing behind a decimated Reds scrum, can totally dominate McCaw and Carter, then imagine how well they will play behind the stronger Wallaby scrum! Carter vs Cooper? – I wonder if Tony Johnson will eat his words? Carters age is showing – moments of brilliance but no real pace or adventure left in him. Cooper was pure confidence mixing genius with absolute crazyness and somehow always making it work!

8 July 2011

Maroon has brighted to Red, as tomorrow night is the Super 15 final between the Reds and Crusaders. Number 1 and 4 on the overall log playing against each other could not be a better outcome for the tournament. The teams of flood and earthquake! I am anticipating a great game and the Reds to come away with the win.

The John O’Neil whinging has already started for the Tri-Nations as he is terribly upset the Boks are resting injured players he believes are not injured and has thus asked SANZAR to “investigate” the matter. Now I know the telly rights agreement all countries signed calls for the strongest team to be played at all times, but surely a national coach can pick who he likes, when he likes, how he likes, without sending the team sheet to John O’Neil and SANZAR for approval? Is that not what the coach is paid to do – pick the squad and best manage it in the best national interest? Maybe O’Neil/SANZAR would like to be paid as team selectors for the Boks?

The NZ media have been scathing in their comparisons between Cooper and Carter. All I can say is that I would rather back a  rugby team full of young dynamic and fearless players like the Wallabies, rather than the older not quiet as good as they were players of the Boks or All Blacks. I know it is considdered New Zealands RIGHT to win the World Cup, as it is every World Cup year, but we all know what happens don’t we. National arrogance or plain idiocy? – you decide.


2 responses to “Rugby Ruckus 2011

  1. I can’t wait to see Australia win the world cup on NZ soil with a NZ coach….

  2. Nice one Jon, The Reds were awesome, what a game, what a week! I need a month off! Should be right for the Bledisloe on the 27th of August!!

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